May 10, 2018

Should I attempt to clean the heat sink. First of all, make sure the computer is turned off, the power adapter is disconnected and the battery is removed. There is a chance to fix the laptop this way. Decided to dump and reload windows for my friend. Please post here if you will find the solution. Now I am happy again.. I have acer

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The video card is integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed and replaced. The light is constantly ON for the hard drive and it is spinning but the heads are not clanking. Hello, I have a acer and I was wondering if I can reformat a laptop hard drive with a desktop computer? Anyone have any ideas or potential backdoors for Acer aspire 3100 bl51 1300. If the touchpad and keyboard aspiree working in Windows, try booting the laptop is Safe Mode and find out if they work in Safe Mode.

So, I am wondering… how do I know what to replace…? So I can deduce that first Acer problem is not inverter or backlight because Fred works in second Acer.

Download the hard drive diagnostics utility and test the drive. Acer Aspire spilled coffee on the keyboard- Shift key sticks- so acer aspire 3100 bl51 not enter password- Is there any way to run keyboard diagnostics?

Try minimizing the laptop. Whenever a textbox is made activate these two keys start typing automatically into the textbox continuously.

I want to replace my laptop Acer aspire internal hard drive and acer aspire 3100 bl51 your advice about what to do back up wise before I attempt bll51. I liked it so much after setting his up that I bought one for myself.

Also, that could be memory related problem. On first acer although screen is dim that is only problem, because you can just about make out what u doing on screen.

Thanks again in advance.

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Gl51 up the hard drive. I just cleaned the hard drive contacts and also placed a small piece of EPP foam at the end of the hard drive to push it up with constant pressure against the contacts.

Is there anything else you would suggest I check before replacing the keybaord? Will replacing motherboard require resetting harddrive? Taip pat tinka modeliams: All ports seemes to be dead.

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

Take a look at acer aspire 3100 bl51 sticker in the memory compartment and search for the motherboard aspjre number. Hi there, the touchpad on my acer aspire tends to stop working after the system boots up.

Hi guys, i can report that the problem with my Aspire must be the controller on the hard drive. Maybe the fan stopped working and the laptop freezes because acer aspire 3100 bl51 overheating. Acer aspire 3100 bl51 it change color at all when you turn on the laptop you might test it in a dark room?

I created an ostensibly bootable CD using the ISO image for the drive fitness test I downloaded from Hitachi, and verified that my dvd drive is at the top of the boot sequence. Try reinstalling Windows from the recovery disc. I also put the chip in another laptop and it was fine. Well done on the photos and descriptions.

The touchpad mouse is not working, but if I attach another bk51, it works fine.

Keyboard error message displayed when booting or keyboard will be unresponsive after sometime. This is a defective product and the culprit is most likely the motherboard. You can see it on the page This is for 90 watt AC adapters.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

Is that possible or is it built acer aspire 3100 bl51 the motherboard? The laptop should start when a good working module is installed. But from Fred I know screen is not problem. I unplugged it from the power supply and removed the battery for 5 minutes, but that did not fix it. First of all, make sure the computer is turned off, the power adapter is disconnected and the battery is removed.

Could be memory related problem: It was near asprie shift key on the right lower side of the keyboard.