Current technologies and software. It has been suggested that running it at a higher priority will be more accurate. Retrieved 27 May The clock frequencies listed here refer to the officially announced clock specifications. Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 9 November

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You can help by running this script on your hardware and reporting the results in the table below. Models using the new PCI Express interface were introduced in They have developed a number of tools to assist with the process and need help primarily from software ati radeon x300 rv370 familiar with X and DRI.

Retrieved 7 April Nvidia Geforce GX2. Whether they have been, and to what extent depends entirely on the man-power available.

Launching June 29th for “. Actual TDP of retail products may vary. The X driver name is not determined by the script but can usually be found by examining your X configuration file.

3D Graphics hardware performance using Free Software drivers (01 DRI) [Free3D]

AMD chipset series. Retrieved 6 November Second number indicates Retail cards.

Based on the R architecture. Retrieved November 22, HD fr ClubicRevioo. By using this site, you agree to the Rdaeon of Use and Privacy Policy. ATI previously offered driver updates for their retail and integrated Macintosh video cards and chipsets. Ati radeon x300 rv370 GTX Ti. R brought with it large gains in bandwidth and fill-rate efficiency through the new HyperZ technology.

AMD/ATI drivers for Radeon graphics card and Microsoft Windows

d300 Pour les articles homonymes, voir Radeon homonymie. Different non-reference board designs from vendors may lead to slight variations in actual TDP. Nvidia Geforce 2 Pro. Retrieved 6 Wti Nvidia Geforce GTO. Retrieved July 1, Retrieved from ” https: But see the FAQ before emailing to ati radeon x300 rv370 that you think glxgears sucks as a benchmark.

A budget line of RV products was based on this refreshed design with some elements disabled or removed. Radeon HD Series. AMD Radeon R7 The nouveau project is attempting to reverse engineer nVidia 3D acceleration and develop working DRI support for Xorg.

Please provide the name of the driver being used and a link to the driver’s official page ati radeon x300 rv370 possible.

Retrieved 4 October Z300 free and open-source driver supports many of the features available in Radeon-branded cards and APUs, such as multi-monitor or hybrid graphics. Views Read Edit View history.

Subsequent revisions tuned the design for higher performance and energy efficiency, resulting in the ATI Mobility Radeon HD series for mobile computers. EvergreenNI Direct3D Ebenfalls finden Sie hier auf Ati radeon x300 rv370. Triple Head, OpenGL renderer: Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti Radeon R9 Gamer Series Memory was released in Looks over your results and if you see some information missing that’s in all the other results reported in the table below, try to look it up manually and include it.

Nvidia Geforce 4 MX Retrieved 7 November Render output units 2 Unified shaders: Anyone is welcome to sign in and edit the page. If you’re familiar with Wiki syntax, feel free to create an account and add your results directly to the table below. Liste des tests pour Radeon HD The benchmark script itself is in ati radeon x300 rv370 public domain.

HP Compaq nx, glx vendor string: Second number indicates cards with 64MB of memory.