May 2, 2018

There are no LED lights, no sound, dead. They should fix it at no charge. What I mean is that the laptop boots up good and I can login. You will not have to use the recovery disk and the laptop should start as usual. It could indicate a problem with the laptop LCD screen, video cable, graphics card or motherboard. After about 15 months I was sitting on it and Bam, the blue line down the screen. It then gives three options to choose from for starting it:

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I tried turning it off keeping power button pushed but no luck. Resolder the power jack. Would this be the power supply? The power jack was exactly toshiba satellite m35x-s109 you described it, cracked at the base where it connects to the system board.

I really need help. JB weld————fixes every power jack from wiggling loose again. I already resoldered the connections on the power jack and the toshiba satellite m35x-s109 is a little better but I still loose power if I barely push on the back of the toshibx jack. This could be a situation 4 with a slight variation. All the parts are new,and compatible. Test with toshiba satellite m35x-s109 multimeter if there is a connection between the top and the bottom.

Is it even worth it?

Both utilities are free. When i shut down the comp i need to wait for atleast 30 minutes before i can power it back on. What I cannot find is voltage on the power button… even when I have it pressed. You can file a toshiba satellite m35x-s109 immediately but its unclear whether you can actually USE the warranty eatellite until the suit toshiba satellite m35x-s109 settled.

AC電源アダプター・TOSHIBA PAノートパソコン用ACアダプターの激安通販|01

But in this case it still should run from the toshiba satellite m35x-s109 power, if it charged of course. Anyone have any ideas as its just taken me 7 attempts to turn it on this morning! I hoping this works instead.

If it stays on, most likely you have a problem with the hard drive and have to replace it. I cleaned it all out and I put the machine back together and it worked great with the exception of having no sound, toshiba satellite m35x-s109 forgot toshiga plug the sound cables back in.

Seems like a video problem on the motherboard. Speakers that are not on the unit???? The first think to check will be the RAM module. This way, I brought it to a plain old electronics repair shop, and the guy did a bit of creative soldering.

So I decided to reinstall windows xp. I now work only on laptops. Now as suggested in help, i tried toshiba satellite m35x-s109 my RAM modules and i am sure they are working perfectly fine. Is ther any quick fix that might work for the toshiba satellite m35x-s109 vertical blue line on the LCD like a connection??

That toshiba satellite m35x-s109 help alot Byebyes. I am still, however, having problems with this lemon I bought.

The easy repair was well work the datellite to save buying a replacment laptop. Can it be fixed at a reasonable price? Unfortunately, after charging the battery and toshiba satellite m35x-s109 power on my laptop, I heard a beeping noise probably 3 times and then it freeze.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Try discharging the battery.

Test the laptop with an external monitor? The laptop starts normally but video on the screen has toshiba satellite m35x-s109, some strange characters or other defects. I figured that it was just a roshiba battery so I bought a new one on ebay.

I tried to find the error message explanation in the service manual and looks like toshiba satellite m35x-s109 are right, it says: I have taken out the memory, disc and dvd drives and have reinserted them to no avail. Call them and find out if you can fix it for free. I have an AS no-power problem as well. A bad wireless card can cause very weird problems.

The dc jack seems to be the problem. Trouble isI cannot read the chip to see what a replacement should be. Found this site doing a google search and found m35x-ss109 exact information I needed to restart my wifes toshiba satellite m35x-s109.