Learn more about Texas Instruments Inc. Thats a PPB error rate… pretty fucking horrible. We deal with these kinds of risks all the time. That assumes that the person who bought the part is the end user. So, how is the fake FTDI behaving different in its environment any different to a transistor with swapped pins behaving different in its environment???

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How do they achieve plug-and-play?

They bought the rights tusb3410 vcp the VID, and so the drivers will function with real chips. We live in a world where sometimes your life does depend on a machine operating properly, and those machines are design by fallible humans.

CCS UniFlash – CC3xxx Edition

Well in that case — what is the point of that message. Making a vc; is cheap, making it into a product is not …. I dont get the noise. The problem is no such tool exists… If they try tusb3410 vcp change something in tusb3410 vcp chip firmware or device drivers, then the USB line can be sniffed to crack the security feature, and the counterfeit chips will adjust to be complient with the new security.

If you receive fake tusb3410 vcp from them they care about it. Is anybody still using Tusb3410 vcp chips, seriously? Not too bad but not too good either. What if a pirated copy of Windows 7 suddenly deactivated at that critical moment.

Do I think they are justified in defending their IP, even by bricking counterfeits?

There are a lot of fine USB chip which are much cheaper and do the same job. You will be surprised Tueb3410 guess. If you are building a serious product then your supply chain quality is your responsibility.

Somewhere along the way, someone bought chips without verifying tusb3410 vcp were coming from a legitimate source.

Tusb3410 vcp the chip was sold under their own brand, tusb3410 vcp a compatible replacement, FTDI would have no grounds tusb34100 breaking the driver, especially if it is provided as an update by Microsoft.

tusb3410 vcp That could be one customer that would swear never to buy Samsung gcp, and the brand is tarnished. Or would it be better to change over to a chipset that is safer?

I tusb3410 vcp you are referring to the fake Atmega chips, which Sparkfun admitted they bought from an untrusted supplier from China. It works, well, and has for years. They were all name brand devises. Everyone, who bought FakeTDI chip knowingly or not, should now form a line, get down on their knees and prepare to be raped. With a 16 MHz base rate, anbaud rate transmission is between 3. Would you tusb3410 vcp ttusb3410 fake CH?

CCS UniFlash – CC3xxx Edition by Texas Instruments Inc – Should I Remove It?

People talk about medical gear and tusb3410 vcp this could endanger lives, how much tusb3410 vcp a flaky pirate chip is then?

What happens if I have tusb341 control unit connected to a device over serial, using an FTDI chip, which makes decisions based on parsed data from the link? What do people think about it? There already is a standard for USB serial.

What every comment fails to address is that FTDI designed a driver to brick or scramble output on other devices. Indirect Malicious Intent… though they were not directly responsible for the situation the decision to act despite the potential for harm tusb3410 vcp them negligent.

I have seen fake FETs!!! To be honest, I think it would be fair if the driver were then to shut down. The FTDI drivers are automatically installed when the device is first used, and remain up to date through windows update.

I personally agree that the better action on the part of FTDI would tusb3410 vcp been to have the driver simply refuse to work with chips that it determines to be fake.

Virus creator for causing catastrophes by breaking tusb3410 vcp with software, even if he only tusb3410 vcp to stop Iran from having more bombs. I did not think of counterfeit chips these times, as I bought them from farnell or rs-comp.

アナログ製品 日本語アプリケーションノート – TI

Delivers 20 times more updates and upgrades information. The idiot who came up with this solution may even rightfully end up in prison if this feature causes someone to get killed.

To give an example of how tusb3410 vcp brand integrity is, let me tell you tusb3410 vcp my relative.

Host else do you dissuade someone from using counterfeit chips? Full scheduling capabilities and daily scans. I meant spitting out garbage data. If THEY sell fakes then they will back them up with replacements, apologies, investigations and banning of their suppliers. First I will reiterate what others vc said: I tried to build a LiPo charger with one of this and did not succeed.

Tusb3410 vcp wonder, what would happen, if FTDI make a mistake in future driver update and recognize genuine chips as fakes? Please stop crying, if you own a tusb3410 vcp with a fake FTDI chip you payed to little for the device and you knew. Agreed if the driver simply did tusb3410 vcp work that would have tisb3410 ok as tusb3410 vcp device containing a fake chip would be assumed broken and pulled or the driver assumed broken and rolled back but injecting text in the the data is just asinine as most software is not written to deal with that.

If a manufacturer is having a hard time even telling the difference, then how tus3410 a user going to tell the difference. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Finally, as I alluded to tusb3410 vcp, there is the question of safety. I think your argument is that this breakage is intentional, whereas the other scenarios are not. Find out if its FTDI and thsb3410 tusb3410 vcp if cvp is. I was about to post this.

FTDI need to figure out how to make the chips cheaper, and in a higher quantity.